Yak-9T Normandie-Niemen - Full Kit

Yak-9T-NN Full Kit
Yak-9T Normandie-Niemen - Full Kit
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Disassembled thematic wind model dedicated to French Air Regiment Normandie-Niemen with additional accessories.
Wind vane and spinner functionality.
Full Kit includes:
1) Yak-9T-NN Main Kit (Ornamental Stainless Steel Weathervane/Wind Spinner/Plane Model styled by Yak-9T WWII Fighter by French Air Regiment Normandie-Niemen) +
2) Cardinal Points (Accessory 1) +
3) Extender for wall mounting (Accessory 2) + 
4) Impressive Bundle Package.
Designed for long-term operation in open space. Recommended for installation on a balcony, terrace, fence.
Material: stainless steel or marine grade stainless steel
Fasteners: stainless steel or marine grade stainless steel with pre-applied thread locking adhesive
Operating Dimensions: Height with pole – 43cm, Rotation radius – 25cm
Operating wind range: ˂ 15m/s.
Arrow span of Cardinal Points (Accessory 1): 36cm
Length of Extender for wall mounting (Accessory 2): 27cm
Extender for wall mounting (Accessory 2) is adapted for customer`s signs and adds (!!!)
Package Dimensions: 440х325х50mm
Weight: 2.05kg

For onshore areas we recommend to upgrade unpainted parts and fasteners from Regular Stainless Steel (AISI 304) to Marine Grade Stainless Steel (AISI 316). Option is available from drop menu above.

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