Bf109F-4/trop Hans-Joachim Marseille - Full Kit

Bf109-F4 Hans-Joachim Marseille - Full Kit
Bf109F-4/trop Hans-Joachim Marseille - Full Kit
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Disassembled thematic wind vane and spinner with additional accessories dedicated to Hans-Joachim Marseille, the famous Luftwaffe ace and his Bf109F-4/trop fighter.
Wind vane and spinner functionality.
Full Kit includes:
1) Bf109F-4 Hans-Joachim Marseille Main Kit (Ornamental Stainless Steel Weathervane/Wind Spinner/Plane Model styled by Messerschmitt Bf.109F-4 WWII Fighter) +
2) Cardinal Points (Accessory 1) +
3) Extender for wall mounting (Accessory 2) + 
4) Impressive Bundle Package.
Designed for long-term operation in open space. Recommended for installation on a balcony, terrace, fence.
Material: stainless steel
Fasteners: stainless steel with pre-applied thread locking adhesive
Operating Dimensions: Height with pole – 43cm, Rotation radius – 25cm
Operating wind range: ˂ 15m/s.
Arrow span of Cardinal Points (Accessory 1): 36cm
Length of Extender for wall mounting (Accessory 2): 27cm
Extender for wall mounting (Accessory 2) is adapted for customer`s signs and adds (!!!)
Package Dimensions: 440х325х50mm
Weight: 2.05kg

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